Diamond scams: the truth about what the banks have done

Diamond scams: the truth about what the banks have done


The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation into a scam orchestrated by five banks and two companies selling diamonds at much higher prices than their real value risks discrediting the entire diamond trade.

The diamond is a “refuge asset”, which lasts over time and increases its value over time, not being affected by market fluctuations, so much so as to make its purchase not only a useful investment, but also a certain one, which remains so even in the presence of “predators” who try to take advantage of the naivety of consumers.

Provided that the purchase is made by carefully choosing who to turn to.

More specifically, banks and investment companies that trade in diamonds are only intermediaries, who sell the precious stones in the catalogue. That is, they do not show the buyer the stone, nor do they deliver it to him after the sale. What they give them is only paper documentation attesting to the ownership and value of the product.

Furthermore, as intermediaries, banks and investment companies charge higher prices than the real value, just like jewellers who – in order to earn money – must inevitably charge the final price.

This is why, in order to have the guarantee of a SAFE and CONVENIENT investment even for an inexperienced buyer, it is essential to buy the diamond from direct sources. As a DIAMANTE-SICURO.

Diamante Sicuro is not an intermediary, but a wholesaler, which for generations has allowed customers to buy their diamonds directly from the source, guaranteeing them savings that they could not get from others.

The diamonds come from the Antwerp Stock Exchange and the prices are calculated on the basis of the stock exchange prices. This provides the customer with transparency, fairness and the maximum guarantee that these prices correspond to the real value of the stone.

Furthermore, the diamonds sold by Diamante Sicuro are all natural and certified.

Therefore, when the buyer wants to resell his diamonds, he is sure to make a profit.

Do not give up investing in diamonds.

Trust those who operate as we do. Information is valuable and provides security. Just like the diamonds of Diamante Sicuro.

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