News: from now on you can pay for your jewel in installments

News: from now on you can pay for your jewel in installments

As a result of great demand we have organized ourselves to give a complete 360° service.

How many times do we want something we can’t afford and we keep putting off waiting for the ‘famous’ moment, which unfortunately never arrives on time?

Surely you will have found yourself in a situation of this kind also as regards the purchase of a diamond or a jewel in general, maybe for a special occasion that happens once in a lifetime, and you will have had to fall back on something cheaper while remaining dissatisfied and disappointed for not being able to achieve what you had imagined.

For this reason Diamante Sicuro wanted to study a way that allows anyone in a situation like this to not have to give up buying a jewel just because at that time you do not have the full amount to buy it.


What we want to make available is the possibility of buying a dream in installments without affecting your budget.

Our goal is to make sure that the cost of a diamond is not a limit for the customer.

One of the biggest advantages is that by paying for it little by little you can enjoy it right away and not have to wait for the balance of the instalments.



From today Diamante Sicuro with this new service, wants to offer a further opportunity by eliminating what could be an obstacle, so you can transform the choice and purchase of the diamond in a moment of joy, to celebrate anniversaries, important events or just to take away a whim that at the moment you can not afford.

For example, we thought about young couples who want to get married. Especially initially there are various expenses to be faced and we try to assess which ones can be saved. The result is that in the end you are content with poor quality jewellery and not satisfied with it.

Or those who, looking to the future, have thought of diamond as an investment. In view of the current economic situation and the far from rosy future forecasts, in case you want to resell the diamond in the future in order to monetize it, there would be no devaluation because the diamond is not linked in any way to inflation, for example.


Don’t keep waiting!

Diamante Sicuro is at your complete disposal to help you find the best solution for your every need.

Contact us and we will be happy to offer you our support.

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